Training in the PhD program combines core training (specified by the program a student is affiliated with) and free choice (among all programs or outside). Please click on the icons below to choose courses. Further information on organising your course portfolio can be found in FAQs on Courses and credits.

Course portfolio and collection of credits

During the first three years, the student should take a total of 20 credits, with a set minimum of credits taken from the core training offered by the program the student is affiliated with, and the remaining credits either among the 6 programs or outside. There is no upper limit to the number of courses taken or the number of credits accrued.

PIs should encourage their students to broaden their scientific and professional skills. Although the student is in charge of composing the portfolio of the 20 required credits, the PI should agree on and validate all courses and events the student selects.

The student is responsible for keeping a record of all activities that may generate ECTS. An attendance certificate is mandatory for all courses and activities. At the end of year 3, the program director will evaluate your record and issue a certificate that the ECTS requirements have been fulfilled. This document, along with the TAC attestation, is necessary to apply for the thesis defence (‘soutenance’).